Monday, July 09, 2007

Abandon hope, all ye who ride with the Euphrony's

You may remember that I've written about the joys of car ownership before. You may also remember that I became a small-time celebrity to some local rednecks after a recent accident. Well, it is time for full disclosure (you can't handle the truth, but you can handle some of it) on these accidents. What prompts this revelation, you may ask? Well, of course, it is yet another accident.

Car crash in FranceJust the facts, ma'am
This is the city: Houston, Texas. I work here. I'm a rheologist. It was the evening of July 9th, a Monday, at about 6:20. Mrs. Euphrony had just picked up Little Euphrony from swim lessons; Littler Euphrony accompanied the two older family members in the family mini-van. The driver (Mrs. Euphrony) was attempting a right turn on red, yielding to cross traffic, when their vehicle was struck from behind. The second vehicle was driven by a girl - college age - who was as shook up about this as were the Little E's: Mrs. Euphrony was calm with the experience of someone who had been there before. Only minor damage was incurred - scratched paint and some wear of the rear bumper. No injuries were reported. A claim is being filed for reparation of damages.

Car crash in FranceIronically, this was almost expected. You see, Mrs. E's car was in a fairly bad accident when Lil'E was four months old; and since Liler'E is now four months, it was his turn for some excitement. Not that these are the only times, because I could mention the accident that totaled the car and sent Mrs. E and Lil'E to the ER. I'm not immune to this bug, either. My car has been hit twice this year. A few years ago I went through three cars in a month. No joke: my car (totaled when a lady turned out in front of me while I was going 70-mph) and two rentals (one I ran off the road in a case of highway hypnosis, and one side-swiped by an 18-wheeler on the interstate). One of my favorites was when we did a squeeze play, where I was smashed in my compact car between Mrs. E's SUV and the 18-wheeler that rammed be from behind. Crumple zones work: trust me.

So, if you're ever our way, be sure to look us up to say hi. We can go get some dinner, play glow-in-the-dark indoor mini golf, or let kids play at a park. But, you might just want to drive yourself. Take a different route, and leave ten minutes ahead of us. Or, you can hop in our car and let the good times roll.

See ya' soon!

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The Secret Life of Kat said...

Yikes. I live three hours away from you. Do think that's a safe distance?

I'm glad everyone is ok!

euphrony said...

Don't know for sure, Kat. Being i the center of a sphere of influence makes discerning the edges a bit hard. Just keep looking over your shoulder while in the car - you never know when you might be in the bubble.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Nah. There's nothing wrong with you or your wife.

It's that God-forsaken city that you call home that's the problem. (Yes, I kid! Well, mostly. I grew up there, learned to drive there, had a few accidents there, and have had zero auto accidents since leaving there. Go figure.)

Anonymous said...

Yeesh, man! I forthwith ban all future car accidents from the Euphrony household. Now respect my authority.

euphrony said...

Cach, while they may respect your authority in Waco, and Mrs. E and I would gladly comply, Houston scoffs at such commands.

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