Monday, July 02, 2007

Prayer answered

Our friends Connie and Joel write:

We started working with a second adoption agency a couple of months ago. Almost as soon as our paperwork was in (not a small task!), they presented us with a birthmother in Las Vegas, Nevada. They told us she was due toward the end of July, then at the beginning of July. We were thinking about it and trying to get more information when we got a call last Monday saying the birthmother was in labor. If we were interested, we needed to get to Las Vegas ASAP. We hadn't yet committed, but in the three hours after we first discussed it, we decided to go, we packed us and Matthew for an unknown number of days, we drove to Connie's brother's house to drop off Matthew, and we got to the airport, where we sat around waiting to see if we could make it on a 10:30 flight as standbys (Thanks, Mom!). Finally, the 10:30 flight boarded a little after midnight, and we made it on as standbys #24 and 25. Then we arrived in LV, found a hotel, took a suicidal taxi ride, and finally got to bed around 4 am Texas time.

OK, that's the first few hours. The next few days are a blur, but four hotels and LOTS of stress later, we are in possession of a beautiful baby girl (sounds like a crime, doesn't it?) that we can bring back to Texas in 7 to 10 business days. The details of the past few days should fill many e-mails or telephone conversations, so they'll have to wait for now.
Connie and Joel have been trying to adopt a second child for two or three years now (it's been so long I've lost track of the time). They have an adopted boy and now, at long last, a little girl as well! It has been a long road, with multiple birth mothers backing out after the child was born (under circumstances that lead to the belief they never intended to give the child up for adoption in the first place) breaking their hearts. But now the wait is over!

Rejoice with them today, and pray that they all make it back home safely and soon.

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kddub said...

that is so awesome! What an exciting time for them! and a blessing for that little girl.

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