Thursday, July 12, 2007

Preparing my thoughts: Inertia

Today is Day 21 of the 40 Day Fast. They say 21 days of doing something forms a habit; in this case a good thing. Mark Jaffery blogs today about the work he and others are doing in Cairo to help the Sudanese, and asks us to pray for South Sudan in particular.

In preparation for my day of fasting next week, I have been thinking a great deal about inertia. Not the physical inertia which Isaac Newton layed out in his laws of motion. No, I'm thinking about psychological inertia: that thing which we allow to hold us back when we know we must move.

Marianne, in her fasting post yesterday, talked about having known about Blood:Water Mission for a year or more before finally really doing something in response. How true is this for many (if not most) of us? An object at rest tends to stay at rest, Newton posed, and this can be equally true for physical and mental movement. But the opposite is also true, as Newton observed, that once you start it is hard to stop. Getting a taste for action can be addictive.

So right now my thoughts are on inertia. An age-old problem, it is, where we would rather sit and fondly reflect on slavery as luxury because the true road to milk and honey seems to difficult.

Sara Groves
"Painting Pictures of Egypt"

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