Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How I spent my morning

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Discontented Refuge said...

I think at one point in my early adolescence I had this skit memorized. My mom used to play it for us on tape in the car on long trips, and it never fails to make me laugh!

P.S. hey, didn't we sign up for a book review on shlog? I can't seem to find the post anywhere on when the forum was going to start...sometime in July.

euphrony said...

Book review! Uhhhhhh . . . the dog ate my homework, after aliens abducted me and probed my mind for how to make fried pork rinds and my baby dropped acid and had a bad trip!

What were we talking about?

Douglas said...

I was going to laugh at you, until I remembered that I developed a toothache this evening. D@W# karma.

Seth Ward said...


FancyPants said...

You spent your morning as a black man in a comedy club?

Huh huh. Dur. Just kidding.

That is one funny guy. I love that guy.

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