Sunday, July 22, 2007

Because Mrs. E had never heard of this

Flowbee man!You remember our old friend, the Flowbee©! Well, come to find out that Mrs. E had somehow never heard of this. We were chatting about cutting the Lil'E's hair (Lil'E recently cut her own hair! without permission! beaut!) and I mentioned the good ol' Flowbee. Ah, the memories of the commercials for this when it first came out. How can you not make fun of this (even if you use it, it begs mocking).

Robocut manI never realized until recently that Flowbee has a competitor. The Robocut! In form, it seems similar to the Flowbee. Who do you think looks happier to be vacuuming their hair away? Personally, I think the Rococut man looks happier (in a digitally whitened, buck-toothed sort of way).

I really don't have anything else to say about these products. It's too easy, but I'm too tired to try. Okay, what to you think about the Flowbee and Robocut? Do you use them, or something similar at home? Do you secretly mock your own use of such products?

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Anne said...

You notice these are pictures of men using these products?

euphrony said...

Oh, Anne, I could have included the little blue-haired lady using the Flowbee, of the young half-naked girl using the Robocut on her long hair. But, these two men - they do beg to be mocked, with their ultra-white teeth and sickly golden tan and moustache. Perhaps I'll add a couple of ladies to the post, just to be fair in my gender ridicule.

Brody Harper said...

"It sucks... as it cuts...."

"well it certainly does suck"..

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