Friday, July 13, 2007


No Bull!So, I'm coming clean here: my real name is not Euphrony. I do not sign that on checks or IRS forms, nor is it even listed in my profile on my resume. Whew! Glad that's off my chest.

Okay, I've talked about
where Euphrony came from in the past. I want to know about the secret origins of your pseudonym. How did you choose your on-line identity? Or, was it chosen for you? For example: did Kat get her name from a love of Krazy Kat; or did FancyPants take her name from a Bob Hope / Lucille Ball comedy?

And while you are at it, you can take a stab at this question: Which of the following nicknames have I not carried at some point in my life?

  1. Orenthal P. Wisenheimer
  2. Mr. Fix-It
  3. Blond Jewish Whale
  4. Popo
  5. Funny Guy
Ready? Set? GO!

UPDATED: No winners were found. I guess everyone thought I have been called Mr. Fit-It. Alas, no, I have never held that nickname. Read the comments for full disclosure.

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Discontented Refuge said...

I'm not so original with this online ID. Oh well.

My gut says #5, but I'll go with #3?

Of course you know that means you have 4 more explanations to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with #3.

I actually picked my pseudonym from a acquantence who worked at Rockettown records. Her name, surprisingly, was Kat. She'd come into town with artists who were visiting KSBJ (Stacie Orrico was the first artist I remember her coming with). Anyway, she was really fun and shortly after one of her visits I created my yahoo email account and I needed a I picked Kat.

There you have it folks.

Anonymous said...

I say #1.

Some men are born cachinnating, some men achieve cachinnation, and some have cachinnation thrust upon them. Ummm... I think I was the first kind. Actually, I am the second too. Well... really I'm all three. When your life is as absurd as mine, you have to laugh. And the word cachinnation is among my favorites. And I had tried to be The Bakerman, but it was taken. There ya go.

euphrony said...

Cach, did you consider DoughBoy or MuffinMan when the Bakerman didn't work out for you? I mean, really, there are so many choices before you would have had to fall back on The Cachinator.

Kat, that seems so simple an explanation. And DR, well, that is kinda obvious.

I'll give a little more time before revealing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Am I the onl person out there who has carried so many goofy names?

Chaotic Hammer said...

I'm going to say you've used all those you listed.

I've gone through a lot of different pseudonyms also -- it's sort of a normal part of having been around computer user groups for many years.

No need to explain where I got my current pseudonym, it's right there on my profile. I should probably write a different profile thing, it's been like that for a long time. Oh well.

Anne said...

I'm going with 1-4.

euphrony said...

So, the truth of the matter is . . .

you're all wrong.


87% wrong.

But, Anne, since you picked four and not just the one right answer among them, you're still wrong.

The correct answer is #2. No one has ever called me Mr. Fix-It. Though I can fix things, I usually take about a year to start a job.

In Jr. High, I went to a summer camp near Lubbock. One year, when someone asked me my name on the first day, I just popped this off. I had recently read that O.J. Simpson was really Orenthal James, so that's what came out: Orenthal P. Wiseheimer lasted about a week, but it was the only name they knew me by.

A guy in high school decided one day that the combination of my fair hair, my pudgy frame, and my - er - large nose made me a blond Jewish whale. He thought himself rather clever and used it at times to demonstrate his cleverness. He was so clever, wasn't he?

In high school, as well, I was at times found to be a bit arrogant. (What, you say? Euphrony arrogant?) One girl took the name another guy used as a little boy for his, well, for his, uh, okay, his penis, and called me that as a subtle insult. It was so subtle that only a handful of people knew the truth. Most people thought it was his childhood teddy bear that was called Popo. Later, some people caught on the insult theme and assumed that my big head made me think I was the Pope - thus Popo. Regardless of the story, it stuck for the better part of high school.

As for Funny Guy, it was given me more sarcastically than descriptively. My small talk skills are terribly limited, so I often fall back to light banter and jokes. One evening, when Mrs. E and I were playing games with newlywed friends, I was in my usual cheesy form. Somehow, they were amused enough to not be annoyed, but not so amused as to find me genuinely funny. So they called me "funny guy"; maybe to egg me on? I don't know.

So, there you have it. The ghastly (and long) truth. Better luck playing the next game. I guess the grand prize trip to Disneyworld will have to go to someone else!

Douglas said...

You gave the answer away too soon!

I've started this post about 5 times and been interrupted, so I'm not stopping even if my finite element run finishes.

My pseudonym was born of about 30 seconds of pondering one day as I attempted to rid the web of my real name. Some harassing phone calls from a psycho who called my wife "to inquire about daycare" but ended up being a fake who wouldn't quit calling back and was obsessed with spanking and corporal punishment ended publication of my real name online.

I took MamasBoy half as a self-deprecating joke similar to a lawyer friend who goes by SteviePinHead and half as a tribute to the blessed Virgin.


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