Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Compare and Contrast: Counting Songs


Sorry, no video on this.

Now, vote!

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Brody Harper said...

One song you learn to go to 12... the other.. only 5... does that say something about our culture?

euphrony said...

Actually, Brody, the second is only a clip of the song - it actually teaches counting to twenty.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably biased because I'm from "then" but "then" has it by a landslide as far as I'm concerned.

euphrony said...

I'm probably like you, a little biased for "Then". Thanks for dropping by and commenting. How'd you find your way here?

Douglas said...

I somehow missed the second song, so can't make a comparison.

Personally, I think the video was too much stimulation and probably would hinder kids grasping what 1-12 means, as opposed to helping them develop a feel for it. Counting is the easy part, my 3 year old can make it to 12. Figuring out what that means in a concrete sense is a more difficult concept to grasp.


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