Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday musical mash

Go check out if you like free music. They are currently offering downloads from

  • Todd Agnew - "Don't Say A Word" from his new album Better Questions
  • Chris Rice - "What A Heart Is Beating For" from his new album What A Heart Is Beating For
  • Decyfer Down - "No Longer" from the album End Of Grey
  • Mike Farris - "The Lonely Road" from his new album Salvation In Lights
  • The Afters - "Love Will Make You Beautiful" from the album I Wish We All Could Win
If you didn't catch the theme, these are mostly new songs from new albums from artists on the INO label. All they ask is registration, and they will only send you e-mails when new music is offered. Check them out; they've given some good music.

On a side note, another INO artist is celebrating the birth of her third child. Ruby Cate Groves was born to
Sara Groves a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations to Sara and Troy, and the big brothers. And be looking for her new album this fall - I'm sure it'll be as good as her other offerings.

(Disclaimer: Neither myself nor my family works for INO records. The preceding was not, in fact, a paid advertisement but a notice of free music and a congratulatory note to an artist whose music I really, really like. It is only by coincidence that it all ties in to the same label. Really!)

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Anonymous said...

funny, you'd think we all like music or well if we were to have anything in common, it might as well be an appreciation for beauty, music and creativity oh and Jesus too =)

funny you mentioned that inpop site, I totally downloaded all the songs a while back...sometime last year. But thanks for sharing =) if you haven't heard it I highly recommend listening to You Make me sing, it is beautiful, I love it!!!

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